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Luxury Fleet

Keeping the luxurious aura of the earlier days in mind, we have now expanded our taxi services to include a fleet of luxury cars with personable drivers. Our cars provide VIP service to users and offer the best prices in the market.

Businesses and individuals now have an easy to book transportation that is charged on pre-established rates as per distance traveled. With this door to door conveyance in prime style, passengers can experience real luxury, whether it is for a short distance for the sake of self-indulgence or it is to impress an important client and lull them into a positive mood. Most importantly, our luxury cars are equipped with the latest technology and your urgent communication requirements will also get a smooth ride.

We, Taxi Sherwood Park boasts of our services being reliable and available for pre-booking as well as airport pick and drop services. If needed for special occasions only, there are packages to be explored which depend upon mileage and number of passengers. Especially if you are an on the go professional, who spends the better part of a day in motion, our luxury fleet is the answer for you to put up your feet.

To simplify your busy lifestyle, ordering a luxury cab is the answer. For special or preferred models, you may also request a particular car beforehand so that your luxury drive may be tailor made to your liking.

Serving customers around the clock, we can be ready for your luxury ride at a short notice as well. Our agents are always eager and ready to help, and they are well prepared to answer all your queries and concerns. Being technical experts, they will also be able to advise you on the best car selection for your lush ride to the desired destination.

If you have never had the opportunity to ride in a luxury car before, book your ride with our fleet and experience the smooth, high-quality drive at an affordable rate.

So next time you want to take a smooth ride with a special someone, or schmooze with a potential business partner or you simply just want to arrive at a family wedding in style, book your ride with us and determine for yourself why others choose us for their taxi needs.

Call us and let us set the wheels in motion!

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