The Benefits of Flat Rate Cabs

After a long and tiresome flight, you want a taxi service that is waiting for you outside to help you reach home in the fastest and cheapest way possible. Or maybe you need a ride to the other side of Sherwood Park and need a simple solution rather than hopping on two buses.

Taxi Sherwood Park has a car to suit your need. We offer upscale, private transportation to and from the shops, the airport, a business meeting, and all social events, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our Flat rate fares and long-distance runs, quick and easy booking, and customizable services for any of your journeys makes Taxi Sherwood Park the best customer service-based business in the area.

What are Flat Rate Cabs?

Flat Rate Cab means that the rate will remain the same regardless of the distance. There are no hidden charges or other charges for that matter. Therefore, there is peace of mind that you will pay nothing more to get to your destination. With a metered taxi, you can’t be certain of exactly what your cost will be. Uber and Lyft now offer up-front pricing which guarantee’s what the passenger will pay based on the destination. The driver, however, is paid based on miles/minutes. This generally works out to be a “bonus” for Uber/Lyft, whereas the driver gets paid disproportionate to the fare charged the passenger. To be 100% certain of what your costs will be, opt for a flat rate airport taxi, especially if you are in or around the area of Sherwood Park or Edmonton Airport.

Studies have shown that 8/10 consumers will opt to choose a flat rate over a metered one if given the choice. So why is this? This can be explained by the fact that customers prefer the certainty or convenience of flat-rate pricing, or that in many cases people are overestimating their usage costs. It seems that many consumers actively avoid schemes where there is the possibility of feeling discomfort by mentally linking every extra unit of consumption to an increase in price. In the case of taxi companies, it causes consumers to worry every minute that they are stuck in traffic and seeing the meter creeping up accordingly. The general rule is, consumers want a journey in which they can relax, take a phone call, or have a snooze without having to worry about their wallet.


So Why Choose Taxi Sherwood Park for your Airport Journeys?

Getting to and from the airport for your holidays can often be quite troublesome, especially when a city lacks reliable public transportation. When you feel tired and jet-lagged, the best way is to look for a service that takes you to your destination quickly but at a fair price. It isn’t uncommon for many taxi companies to charge extortionate prices when picking up holidaymakers, so make sure to pre-book a flat rate cab to avoid any shock costs when you arrive at your destination. It is understandable that other cab drivers who pay airport authorities to be in their pickup pool end up charging you extra. They also cannot afford to wait around if your flights are delayed, giving a reason to the extra charges as more of an insurance cost. Taxi Sherwood Park, however, wanted to create a service completely unique; that focuses only on the customer benefit to create a trustworthy brand. Taxi Sherwood Park operates a quick and reliable airport transfer service to Edmonton Airport for a flat rate of just $49, ensuring you don’t get hit with these nasty hidden extras. Booking with the official Edmonton airport (YEG) taxi companies can cost anywhere between $80 - $100 for a single trip to or from the airport to Sherwood Park, so it is well worthwhile to shop around before making your booking. Keep in mind Edmonton airport can get extremely busy, especially in peak season, so without pre-booking, you may have to wait in a line for a more expensive cab on the day.

Do you run other Taxi Services at Flat Rate Prices?

It isn’t just airport services that have given Taxi Sherwood Park it's reputation for providing the most reliable and stress-free flat rate cab service in Sherwood Park area. For only $10, Taxi Sherwood Park provides a service that allows you to travel anywhere within the Sherwood Park region. This puts Taxi Sherwood Park among the best-rated taxi companies in Canada for flat-rate services. Other flat rate cab services include a trip to downtown Edmonton for only $33.

So what are the Main Benefits of using Flat Rate Taxi Services?

Along with our raving testimonials and thousands of positive customers, we also boast the benefits of choosing our flat-rate taxi service in Sherwood Park over any others. Below are just four reasons why you should choose us for your next airport run or trip around Sherwood Park:

  1. Safety and comfort- Your safety and comfort are the biggest reason when you decide to hire a taxi service. Hiring a taxi with Taxi Sherwood Park is the safest and fastest way to get around the area and save you from parking hassle and hidden costs.
  2. 24/7 Service- Another huge benefit of hiring a taxi service with us is that it is available to you anytime and anywhere. You just need to book a service and get a chauffeur-driven taxi at your doorstep to enjoy the pick and drop off facility.
  3. Convenience- Booking a taxi service in Sherwood Park will be the easiest and most convenient service you have ever used. No more running after public transport and waiting for endless hours to catch buses or trains. Our taxis are designed to suit your personal transportation needs, where you do not need to worry about a single thing.
  4. Driver- When you call a taxi they are driven by professionals who are guaranteed to provide you with personalized service. You won’t find better customer service anywhere else.

To ensure you are using an official Taxi Sherwood Park cab, look for our white cars and our blue logo and phone number on the side as shown below.


We cherish the love and appreciation we receive


Always friendly, and prompt. They are much better than other taxi services. Drivers always accept my preferred method of payment, where the others often insist that their electronic payment machines are broken, or they simply prefer cash.

Excellent Service, cab drivers came quick, I had lost my wallet and the driver gladly rang me up to know. Everyone at the office was very helpful.

I use Taxi Sherwood Park on a regular basis and I had kind and polite drivers on all my rides. The cars are pretty clean too. Highly recommended flat rate taxi in town.

Great flat rate taxi provider in Sherwood Park. I have been using their service for years. Whenever I am in rush and need to go somewhere I call them and they are at my place on time as committed. Taxi Sherwood Park highly recommended.