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Sherwood Park Delivery Service

Delivery Service in Sherwood ParkHave you ever felt frustrated with the quality and speed of delivery couriers around the Sherwood Park and outer Edmonton area? At Taxi Sherwood Park we not only offer incredible flat rate taxi and airport services, but also run our own private delivery service for all personal and business needs.

Hiring a taxi for transport purposes is our specialty, but we also offer a bespoke and unique delivery service with the same cabs, to ensure maximum customer satisfaction in our local community.

We understand that there is a shortage of reliable delivery services in our location and hope to be the savior for all your delivery needs, whether that be a personal purchase you’ve made to your own front door, or delivering important documents to and from a local business.

So why trust us with this important task? Not only are all our drivers highly professional and qualified, but they have incredible skills to ensure that we run a smooth and hassle free delivery service that you would use over and over again. Our countless testimonials from customers who return to use our services again and again highlights our outstanding level of customer satisfaction.

Here at Taxi Sherwood Park we operate a comprehensive computerized dispatch system that aids in doorstep pickup and delivery based on clients' requests in and around the Sherwood Park district. This highly reliable computerized dispatch system automatically generates a unique code that allows you to track and identify your parcels, with the option to choose or change your preferred pick up or drop off location upon request or by the click of a button.

We offer a range of delivery services that will accommodate your every need, day and night. This includes a hot shot delivery service which operates at a higher cost for our speedy overnight courier service, a standard parcel delivery service for all your individual and personal purchases, and our unique document delivery service.

Our document delivery service allows you to share, send and receive documents securely and on time. This includes invoices, contracts and any other type of legal documents. So if you are a local lawyer, accountant or similar office that needs time sensitive documents picked up or delivered, use our local document delivery service to meet all your business needs.

Our delivery services at Taxi Sherwood Park are high quality, trustworthy and reliable and we aim to satisfy every single customer. You’ll be amazed at not only the speed of our deliveries but how we handle and deliver your parcels personally and with a smile every time. Our prices should also put a smile on your face, with our affordable services available for everybody to take advantage of.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is hot shot delivery?

Hot shot delivery is a type of courier service that delivers smaller but time-sensitive goods to public and local locations for a quick pick up. Our hot shot delivery service works seamlessly to allow the quickest delivery times to keep your business or lives moving, leaving all the hassle of traditional and larger delivery courier companies behind.

Can I track my parcels?

Yes! Anything you send or are expecting to receive will be fully trackable allowing you to have piece of mind that your delivery will arrive safely and securely. 

What are the benefits of using a taxi company as my courier instead of a larger delivery service such as UPS?

When you think about it logistically, delivering parcels and documents using a taxi firm makes complete sense. Who knows the local street maps better than cab drivers? Our taxis are out and about all day everyday, creating the perfect opportunity for them to deliver your parcels on their way. And you can guarantee that there will be no cancellations due to problems with previous deliveries, no delays due to long distance lorry driving, and 100% amazing customer service in your own local community.

Do you offer same or next day delivery?

Depending on the time that you put your order through with us we can usually accommodate same day delivery and next day delivery. By using our hot shot delivery service we offer extremely fast delivery which usually is within minutes or hours depending upon the pickup and drop-off location distance. Please be aware that eligibility for our hot shot delivery service depends on the size and weight of your package, as usually this service if for lightweight items only.


We cherish the love and appreciation we receive


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Always friendly, and prompt. They are much better than other taxi services. Drivers always accept my preferred method of payment, where the others often insist that their electronic payment machines are broken, or they simply prefer cash.

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Excellent Service, cab drivers came quick, I had lost my wallet and the driver gladly rang me up to know. Everyone at the office was very helpful.

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I use Taxi Sherwood Park on a regular basis and I had kind and polite drivers on all my rides. The cars are pretty clean too. Highly recommended flat rate taxi in town.

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Great flat rate taxi provider in Sherwood Park. I have been using their service for years. Whenever I am in rush and need to go somewhere I call them and they are at my place on time as committed. Taxi Sherwood Park highly recommended.

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