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Sherwood Park Cabs


Are you looking for Cabs in Sherwood Park?


From a small occasion to grand celebrations, Taxi Sherwood Park has every cab that matches your requirement. Ranging from small taxis, SUVs and limousines, we have the right vehicles for any occasion. We are there serving you 24*7 because of our large fleet of cars. Be it a birthday party, corporate event, wedding day; our cabs are perfect for you.

Limo Hire:

Break this rule that limo services are only for rich people. It's perfect for arriving in style at birthdays, corporate events and prom dates with Taxi Sherwood Park. There is a lot of misconception among the people that limo services are overpriced. It's not true; you can easily share the cost of limo services with the friend you are arriving with. Therefore have a comfortable ride and put a good impression on the guest.
If you are looking for a professional and affordable limo Sherwood Park cab service, then trust no other than Taxi Sherwood Park.

Birthday Party:

To make your birthday remarkable, Taxi Sherwood Park could do something unique and add more shine to your special occasion. There is no need to worry as our professional and friendly staff responsibly carry out their duties to make your birthday memorable. It would be amazing and wonderful if you arrive at your venue in a luxurious and high-class fashion. There is no better thing on your birthday to enjoy a luxurious limo cab with incredible lighting, comfortable seating, and a great and modern design.
Does this arouse a feeling of excitement within you? It's the perfect time to celebrate with your loved ones and friends in limo cabs with Taxi Sherwood Park.


A wedding is one of those days whose memories last forever and one of the special days of your lives. It's a dream of everyone to make this occasion exceptional by adding five stars to it. To make this day unforgettable, we take care of your transportations needs. Be it transporting wedding guests or providing first-class service to the bride and groom; you will have the best wedding day with Taxi Sherwood Park cabs. Promising you to make your day extraordinary is the responsibility of our chauffeurs, and you don't have to worry even a little bit.

Corporate events:

Be it planning for a business trip or one of the most important days to deliver your presentation and seminar at the office, Taxi Sherwood Park cabs are best for you to guarantee safety and work with total professionalism. Our team of chauffeurs and drivers are fully trained to drop you timely and behave politely. A corporate event is an important day of your life that can fully transform your life, and you can rely on us as Taxi Sherwood Park would be happy with your progress and growth.


We cherish the love and appreciation we receive


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Always friendly, and prompt. They are much better than other taxi services. Drivers always accept my preferred method of payment, where the others often insist that their electronic payment machines are broken, or they simply prefer cash.

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Excellent Service, cab drivers came quick, I had lost my wallet and the driver gladly rang me up to know. Everyone at the office was very helpful.

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I use Taxi Sherwood Park on a regular basis and I had kind and polite drivers on all my rides. The cars are pretty clean too. Highly recommended flat rate taxi in town.

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Great flat rate taxi provider in Sherwood Park. I have been using their service for years. Whenever I am in rush and need to go somewhere I call them and they are at my place on time as committed. Taxi Sherwood Park highly recommended.

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